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ediblecakeWe invite you to participate in our annual “Edible Book Contest” on Wednesday, April 1! Edible books are cakes (or other pastries) inspired by literary titles, characters, or authors. During the day of the contest, students and staff will bid on their favorite entries with all proceeds going to the BFMS library book fund.

Important details: Parents, if you haven’t already done so, registration is now online! [Please click on this link.] The registration fee is $25 per student which can also be paid online. If you need help with the registration process, please contact Ms. Orianna Baez at extension 411.
Meeting Times & Location: Girls will meet in the cafeteria on Tuesdays and Thursdays immediately after dismissal for a snack. Our coaches, Ms. Bizaoui and Ms. Jennett will meet the students in the cafeteria for lessons and practice.  Girls should change into their running clothes prior to practice (recommended attire: comfortable running clothes, sneakers, lightweight jacket). Unless the weather is too extreme, practices will be outdoors (we usually run laps around School Street and Henry Street). Practices end at 4:30. Students have an option of being picked up/walking home at 4:30 or waiting in Homework Club until 5:00 p.m. for general afterschool dismissal where a bus is available for transportation. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OUR GIRLS THIS SEASON!

Parent Letter – 3/4/15

Please click here for a parent letter from our principal, Mrs. Lucas-Moccia regarding upcoming events and other pertinent information!

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careerexStart designing your future now! 8th grade students that are part of the VSAC program were able to visit the new Vermont Tech/CCV building in Brattleboro. 6th grade students participated in a health careers exploratory provided by the Southern Vermont Area Health Education Center during science class!

20j5yjoWe all got a BIG surprise during Friday’s Student of the Month assembly when a “renowned group of percussion soloists” joining the band for a special performance turned out to be none other than our teachers (Mr. Harris, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Read, Ms. Davis)! A special thanks to Mr. Rumrill for orchestrating [pun intended] this fun-filled number!

BFMS collects 2,280 food items for local food shelf

After a month long food drive to benefit the Our Place Drop In Shelter, students from the Bellows Falls Middle School collected a total of 2,280 food items, doubling their original goal of 1,200. In what has now become an annual event, the drive culminated in a human chain that went around the school to symbolize the importance of giving to others. 

 “This is going to make a lot of people happy”, commented a sixth grader as he passed along each food item down a line that extended throughout the four levels of the middle school building. To build up an incentive,  teachers developed a friendly competition between grades, with the winning team receiving a half-day of gym time and games. The results were very close with the 7th and 8th grade team collecting 1,116 food items and the 5th and 6th graders bringing in 1,164 – a 48 item difference!

Bellows Falls Middle School Honors Veteran’s Day

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A special assembly was held on Monday at the Bellows Falls Middle School in honor of Veteran’s Day. The event was opened with a rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner”  by the middle school band, chorus, and 7th and 8th grade general music group. Guest speakers Richard Long (Social Studies teacher at Kurn Hattin) and Cheryl Gay-Sherwin, Air Force Veteran (Speech/Language Therapist at WNESU) spoke on the importance of honoring veterans, and of paying it forward by serving the community.

A special homage was paid to the Bellows Falls Union graduates who gave the last full measure of their devotion to their country in World War II – Raymond Metcalf (Class of 1933), Bertrand Roby (Class of 1936), Edward Naski (Class of 1937), Donald Shaugnessy (Class of 1937), Gordon Graham (Class of 1938), Robert Roby (Class of 1938), Anthony Lowkowgi (Class of 1939), Stephan Woynar (Class of 1939), Lloyd Fairbrother (Class of 1941), Raymond Massucco (Class of 1941), William Burrough, Jr (Class of 1943), Robert Huntoon (Class of 1943), Lawrence Gray (Class of 1944). A plaque honoring these brave men was donated by the BFUHS class of 1944 and is displayed outside the main doors of the auditorium.