BFMS celebrates National “Kick Butts Day”!

On Wednesday, March 21st, the Vermont Kids Against Tobacco (VKAT) group made their mark and “chalked the walk” during Kick Butts Day. VKAT students wrote messages to share with their peers about prevention and the dangers of tobacco use.

Kick Butts Day is a national day of activism that empowers youth to stand out, speak up and seize control against tobacco, generating more than 1,000 events across the United States and on military bases around the world. Each year, thousands of young people plan and conduct events that focus attention on the deadly dangers of tobacco use, proven solutions to the problem and tobacco industry marketing that targets youth.

Bellows Falls Middle School Hosts Student Town Hall Meeting

On Thursday, March 15, Bellows Falls Middle School hosted a Student Town Hall Meeting centered around school violence, gun control, and the second amendment. This event was organized with the intent of providing students with a forum in which they could express their feelings around these important and relevant topics. Originally scheduled to coincide with the March 14th National Student Walkout Event, students worked with their Social Studies and ELA teachers on journaling and reflective activities prior to the Town Hall Meeting. The event provided an alternate and safe space for BFMS youth to express themselves, while also being fully immersed in the Vermont tradition of Town Hall Meetings.

The assembly was led by a selected group of eighth graders and started with a moment of silence for the victims of all gun violence across the country. Afterwards, rules and norms were established to ensure active participation and respect from members of the audience. Students were asked questions such as, “In what ways do you feel safe at school”, and “Why do you think some students resort to anger?”. The conversation was lively, thoughtful and deeply engaging – BFMS youth from all grades shared their thoughts and opinions on the second amendment, gun control, and how to make schools safer. Opinions from both sides were heard with respect and students acknowledged each other in a very supportive manner.

AIM Afterschool – Spring Session

Spring into AIM and find your passion with a new and exciting session of Afterschool activities. Learn how to build and design catapults, bring out your inner poet, get ready for the gardening season, or be part of the VEEP Green Team! New activities start on March 7. Check out the brochure online by clicking here. Register online by clicking here.

Terrier Times – Student Newspaper

Click here to read the latest edition of our student publication, The Terrier Times.

Winter Showcase Night Highlights Student Learning at BFMS

The Bellows Falls Middle School hosted a Winter Showcase Night on Thursday, February 8th featuring student poetry, individual research projects, personalized learning plans, and various opportunities for family engagement. Principal Karen Bukowski said, “Winter Showcase Night continues to be one of the highlights of the school year! It was great to see so many of our families.”

The focal point of this student-centered event was the eighth grade anchor project, an immersive learning experience that challenges students to find and research a topic of interest while utilizing skills they’ve acquired and practiced throughout the school  year. In a process that included weeks of preparation, students conducted research, interviewed experts, and built visuals/interactive aides to help explain their learning to audiences. “The impetus behind the anchor project is to make school relevant to students by giving them a choice in what they learn about.”, said  Dana Aquadro, eighth grade English Language Arts teacher. The anchor project topics were varied and ranged from themes like climate change, sports, maple sugaring, music, history and mental health.

With over 150 families in attendance, this event was a success for all involved.

Free Dental Services at BFMS

Last week during a combined Health and Physical Education class, Barbara Hodgkins RDH, from Children’s Dental Health Care Project made a special presentation to fifth and sixth grade students about the importance of oral health and its relation to the kinds of food and beverages they consume. Bellows Falls Middle School has partnered with the Springfield Medical Care System to offer dental services to students while at school – dental cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatments and oral health education is available at no cost to all students whether or not hey have dental insurance and whether or not they have a regular dental home! The opportunity for improving dental health is made possible through Springfield Medical Care System’s grant from the Holt Foundation.

Oral health and learning about is is important! Multiple exposures to services and education are valuable tools in preventative care for a healthy smile. For more information about this program, please read this Parent Letter. If you’re interested in your child receiving dental services, please fill out these forms

Okemo Ski Program Information – 2018 Season

As we get ready to start our Okemo Ski Program, we wanted to share some important information. Our schedule this season:

  • Sunday, January 7     
  • Sunday, January 21   
  • Sunday, January 28    
  • Sunday, February 4       
  • Sunday, March 4        
  • Sunday, March 11      
  • Sunday, March 18
 Students are picked up and dropped off at the BFUHS parking lot.  Please be aware that the bus will leave promptly at 9 a.m – we do not wait for late arrivals. We ask that everyone arrives by 8:40 a.m. to allow time for equipment to be loaded, participants to be situated on the bus, and attendance to be taken. The bus returns to BFUHS parking lot at 4:30 p.m. Please be on time picking up your child.  ALL students MUST ride the bus to and from Okemo. 
Volunteers – If you are planning to ride the bus (which is very helpful) please let Mandy Walsh know. She can be contacted via Facebook or via email,
Thank you!


Sports News

Congratulations to the BFMS Girls Purple Team for their win at the Keene tournament on Saturday, December 2!