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8th Grade Bellows Falls Scavenger Hunt


Dear Parents & Families: The 8th grade team will be doing an Instagram town scavenger hunt through our advisory program. In an effort to cultivate sense of place and integrate common core technology standards, we had students create scavenger hunts in downtown BF. Next Thursday, Thursday November 10th they will be attempting to find 6 local landmarks utilizing clues written by other advisories.
The process has been advisor guided and student directed. It seems to have been a real success in terms of giving students a venue to think more positively  about their community.
The teams will post photographs from their scavenger hunt using teacher directed accounts: aquadroadvisory, desmaraisadvisory, bizaouiadvisory, readadvisory, oakesadvisory and strothmanadvisory.
Follow their process!

Manufacturing Day


On October 14th, sixth graders at BFMS participated in the Upper Valley Manufacturing Week. As part of a regional work-force development initiative, students toured two local companies [VerMed and Sonnax] and learned about the various career opportunities in manufacturing and engineering. Pictured above, students at Sonnax were engaged in an exciting demonstration of how to to measure tiny tiny objects as small as a hair strand! 

8th Grade Girls: Young Women In Engineering Workshop


On Tuesday, October 18th, eighth grade girls participated in the Young Women In Engineering Workshop at the Claremont Community Center. 

These hands-on workshops were led by female engineers, architects, scientists and specialists. Topics included computer animation, mechanical and structural engineering, plasma cutting, marine engineering and bioengineering. The students were able to build, create and assemble models of important engineering systems we see each day. 

Only 14% of engineers in the United States are women; by increasing their exposure to this creative and diverse career, we hope to spark a light of inspiration for our girls! 

Join our CSA Parent Group!

csaBFMS Parents/Guardians –  You’re invited to join our wonderful Parent CSA Group this year.  We meet on the first Wednesday of the month! Get involved – help us support our students and make your voice heard.

Google Classroom – 5th & 6th Grade

IMG_3149Dear Parents and Guardians,

The BFMS ⅚ team would like to welcome you to what we hope will be an outstanding year for our learning community. With that in mind, we wanted to roll out one of the learning platforms we use extensively at our school, Google Classroom.

Google Classroom can be used as a tool for communication. When parents join our “feed”, they receive regular emails about upcoming assignments, missing work, and stay current with what is going on in the classroom. Just send us your email address with the form below or click here to fill out the Google form and we will add you to Classroom.

A.I.M. Afterschool – Fall Session

web-page-aim-fall-2016Welcome to Afterschool – Learning and Exploring Happens After 3:00 PM.

Relax and stretch with a yoga class, learn a new language by using your hands, get inspired with gardening and local farms, use your brain to “tinker” and build, design your own bracelets or get your reading gears activated with a book challenge – whatever your passion, you will find something to do with A.I.M. Afterschool. Fall session starts Monday, September 19th. Register online – click here. 

Welcome Back!


The Bellows Falls Middle School faculty is ready to start the new 2016-17 school year! 

Moving Up Slide Show

Congratulations to all the 8th graders for having successfully “moved up” from BFMS and onto freshmen at Bellows Falls Union High School! In case you missed it, here is a link to the Moving Up Ceremony slideshow, featuring special collages made by our students

Stay Informed!

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